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Learning fluent Korean in a 6 month timeline was one of the first challenges we took on back when we started Road to Epic - it was a big success and a lot of what we learned during the experience has influenced our articles on language learning since. I've come a long way in a year, I am 13 now, so I might not be able to speak Korean like a full-fledged Native because of the plasticity of my brain is starting to become less flexible like toddlers are, and since I am now going through puberty my brain will probably not absorb everything like a toddler does with language.

Finding a space or a place where you can practice the language might be a good way of doing it. I knew and American girl that joined a choir where she only spoke in the native language of the country she was living in, while she the rest of the time was living in this English language bubble.

May be, having a long phone conversation in Korean everyday is not feasible but even a random 5-minute chats over Kakao or Facebook Messenger will help you improve your Korean speaking skills. It was the perfect opportunity to try out new words and phrases and practice learned expressions without a kid rounding the corner.

Korean pronunciation is vastly different from English, and it takes a lot of practice to be able to pronounce words correctly. I'm currently in the process of making the transition in the opposite direction (from Korean to Japanese). Lesson transcripts are available in English as well as Korean.

And we must say, some of them are so fluent that it's a pretty big feat, considering they didn't start young - a ban by the government only allows South Koreans to start learning English when they're in Primary Three. Ah people call me a koreaboo all the time for wanting to learn Korean.

I've been learning for about one year, and speaking and listening is still difficult. Of course people have been speaking Korean for thousands of years - it's not exactly a new language. The daily exercises ensure that you learn your new language for 17 minutes every day.

Online Korean Lessons with Personal Language Tutors. Although he's native Korean and didn't study abroad, the actor reportedly speaks English fluently. You will learn Korean fast, Korean language and your partner gets access to an expert on your native language (you!). With these concrete examples, you learn Korean quickly and thoroughly.

When it comes to English, ‘learning' an English word by memorizing the Korean ‘equivalent' is no good, for there are few equivalents. It will, however, take much more time to be able to fully converse in Korean in a variety of different situations. It might help you speak Korean, and learn more about their culture.

That said I am now learning Korean but I am doing it by myself at a slow pace. In that case though, you need to be really strict about what time is in each language, or an intermediate speaker might push you to speak a lot more of the language they're trying to learn.

ITalki is an excellent resource that you can use to find native speakers to practice with or even dedicated language teachers you can have remote lessons with over Skype. If you're studying spanish as an English speaker, you could kind of just wing it, learn a bunch of words, and translate from english to spanish directly and get by.

If I had taken the time I used on practicing reading and writing and used that time to practice speaking with people instead, I could have become more fluent and committed more of the language to my long term memory. He sings, dances, raps, acts and speaks four languages fluently.

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